Flexton is an industrial company operating on the market for forty years with a strong experience in the domestic and international market in the production of technical and formal solutions for showers, shower heads, sliding bars, shower columns, hoses and related accessories. The production environment is the Brescia area, characterized in the past by a strong handicraft connotation, which became with the passage of time one of the most dynamic and lively industrial production realities on the Italian scene. This combination of craft spirit and industrial production organization is the true soul of Flexton that has become over the years a point of reference for the market.
The recent take over by Effebiesse Spa, worldwide industry leader and established partner of some of the best mixers companies, gives Flexton further strengthening in terms of corporate brand identity and reliability on the market. The whole process, from the design idea to the production and sale of the product, is based inside Italy ensuring a meticulous quality control and a continuous attention at every stage. Each new product is a challenge to be faced by selecting reliable and durable materials and organizing a manufacturing process that is continuously updated to meet the most selected market needs without neglecting the care for environment and the relation with surrounding territory.
The proposed solutions combine high aesthetic quality and functionality so that all products are reliable and safe thanks to a careful control system. Excellent teamwork is the basis for every stage of the design process, production, distribution and pre and post sales service to provide a prompt service and flexibility to customer requirements.